Persona 5 The Royal Gets New Details and Screenshots of Female MC

Persona 5 The Royal gets a new trailer and screenshots showcasing the mysterious young woman who speaks of the Phantom Thieves.

Earlier today, Atlus revealed a new teaser trailer for Persona 5 The Royal, which was revealed at the end of the live broadcasting of Persona 5 The Animation‘s last episode “Stars and Ours.”

Persona 5 The Royal‘s trailer itself is very short, spanning only about 45 seconds, but we get a glimpse of a new and mysterious young woman standing in the famous Shibuya Crossing as she looks up at the giant television. The screen displays the Phantom Thieves’ logo and she responds to an unknown male speaker:

The trailer dialogue roughly translates as such (courtesy of The n00b Avenger for the translation):

Unknown Man: “What do you think of the Phantom Thieves?”

Young Woman: “Well… I do think helping people is a wonderful thing. But to be honest, I don’t like them. Their methods aren’t really changing the world or helping people. In the end, only you yourself can resolve your own problems.”

We also have some new screenshots of the female character including her hair, facial features, and uniform:

Judging from the uniform design and patch, she is a first year student at Shujin High School. So we can surmise that she’s directly related to the main cast, especially the protagonist. It’s also possible that the “The Royal” in the title references herself as well, possibly alluding to her personality and ideals and how it would clash with the male protagonists. This is further supported by the aforementioned dialogue in the trailer. Unfortunately not much else is know about her or Persona 5 The Royal in general.

Atlus also posted an official website for the title, which should hopefully update with some new information sometime next month. We know at least there will be another huge info update around April 24th, which coincidentally coincides with the release of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character Joker. I suppose we’ll all have to just wait until the end of April for any confirmations.

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