Persona 5 Royal Will Be Getting Vinyl Release for Newly Introduced Tracks

Persona 5 Royal Will Be Getting Vinyl Release for Newly Introduced Tracks

After the much beloved Persona 5 vinyl, the new tracks from Persona 5 Royal is getting the pressing treatment as well.

Persona 5 has one of the most beloved soundtracks in the modern era of video games. It has already received the vinyl treatment in the past, but thanks to iam8bit we will be getting a new release with the new songs from Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal alongside getting new story content and quality of life improvements, the JRPG also received new tracks because, come on, it’s Persona. Iam8bit is restocking the original Persona 5 vinyl as well, but this P5R one will serve as its own collection.

Parallel to this announcement iam8bit has restocked a number of popular records that fans have been requesting for a long time. This includers Persona 5, Journey, Cuphead, Shadow of the Colossus, Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal, and Rocket League. Most recently, the company has done collaborations with Grindstone and Disco Elysium with the exclusive distribution of both physical game and vinyl releases.

The vinyl will include 29 tracks on 3 LPs. Pre-orders for both P5R and the Persona 5 reprint will go live tomorrow Wednesday December 17 at 9am PST/12am EST for $75 and $100 respectively. For those that pre-order the P5R vinyl before the end of the year they will also receive a free 7” Velvet Room vinyl that has the iconic theme “Hymn of the Soul.” The Persona 5 Royal vinyl will ship during quarter two of next year.