Atlus USA Teases Persona 5 Royal News Coming on December 3

Atlus USA Teases Persona 5 Royal News Coming on December 3

Atlus USA will probably reveal the western release date for PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal on December 3.

So Atlus USA is teasing a news update for the western release of Persona 5 Royal. The teaser was shared via Twitter. And a countdown started on the game’s western official site. The countdown ends on December 3 and we’ll probably get a new English trailer and a release date. And this date might be in March.

Well, there’s nothing else to add there. I’ve been playing the game in Japanese. The original is a masterpiece so obviously this one is as well, but I wouldn’t say I’m particularly infatuated with the new additions. Nothing is surprising if you’ve seen Persona 4 Golden. The game is easier overall with much more time at your disposal. I haven’t reached the new part at the end of the game yet seeing how busy I am. And even skipping scenes I remember still takes forever to get through the game. I’m most notably not skipping my most favorite or important scenes in cases slight changes to the dialogues happened. I got paranoid over this seeing certain scenes early in the game did have such changes.

Throughout the main story, most of the new events all feature either Kasumi, Goro or Takuto, so it’s easy to not miss them. The Confidant events are all the same except for a new dialogue via phone at the end of each event. Sadly these dialogues aren’t particularly noteworthy. The new My Palace mode is fun but nothing groundbreaking either.

Anyway, all these additions plus the new part at the end explains why the localization is taking a while.

We closely covered everything about Persona 5 Royal through the game’s Japanese promotion. In particular, you can read more about streaming restrictions. The new part at the end (this obviously contains spoilers).The new Challenge Battle Mode and its Persona 3 and 4 protagonists fights. We also translated a video interview with Joker and Kasumi’s Japanese voices.  

You can also check out the second and the third trailer for the game, as both didn’t get English versions yet.