Persona 5 Scramble Reintroduces Anne Takamaki with a New Trailer

Persona 5 Scramble reintroduces Panther, Anne Takamaki, all while showing us a bit more about Sophia, the game's brand new character.

November 29, 2019

Atlus released this week’s Persona 5 Scramble trailer, this time focusing on Anne Takamaki, voiced by Nana Mizuki. We can hear Anne chatting about herself, how she’s a third-year and still doing modeling work. Morgana is also fawning over her and praising her for most of the trailer.

The final scene in the trailer has a comedic side to it as always. Anne wants to huge Sophia because of how cute and fluffy she seems, but Sohpia refuses claiming she’s not a kid anymore.

Today was Anne day, but Atlus detailed earlier this week more new characters in Persona 5 Scramble, along with some gameplay and story elements, like how the new Metaverse is called Jail. We covered all that.


The previous Persona 5 Scramble trailers focused on Joker and the Velvet Room, on Sophia/Sophie, on Ryuji, and on Morgana. You can read more story details here and here’s some live gameplay. We also covered an interview with the game’s staff from Famitsu.

In related news, another Sega game, Project Sakura Wars, has characters designed by many different character designers. The final character revealed, Hakushu Murasame, is designed by Persona‘s Shigenori Soejima. He shared some comments about his works for the occasion. Nana Mizuki has also voiced Elise, a really badass character and the sole female Combat Revue captain in the game.

Persona 5 Scramble is coming to PS4 and Switch and launches on February 20 in Japan. The game will definitely come over even if it didn’t get a western announcement yet. We’ll learn more about the game via a stream on November 29. Demo events for the game will also be held in Japan on December 7.

Iyane Agossah

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