Persona 5 Scramble Introduces Fox, New Screenshots

Fox aka Yusuke is still the best even in Persona 5 Scramble.

December 9, 2019

Atlus published yet anther trailer for Persona 5 Scramble, this time the star is Yusuke Kitagawa, codename Fox. In the suave voice of Tomokazu Sugita, Yusuke introduces himself and mentions how he’d like to use the Phantom Thieves’ roadtrip to pursue his art. Sadly for Yusuke, none of the other members are in agreement and are more interested in all the local specialties they’ll try or camping around.

The final scene in this Persona 5 Scramble Fox trailer is comedic as usual, with him anticlimactically mentioning he’s hungry. Ryuji starts reprimanding him, but then his stomachs start rumbling too.


Atlus also published a new short gameplay video on the official Persona Twitter:

Atlus and Koei Tecmo also organized demo events for Persona 5 Scramble in Japan on December 7. You can find screenshots of the event below, shared today by Famitsu.

The previous Persona 5 Scramble trailers focused on Joker and the Velvet Room, on Sophia/Sophie, on Ryuji, on Morgana, and on Anne. You can read more story details here and more Persona 5 Scramble gameplay here and here. We also covered an interview with the game’s staff from Famitsu.

Persona 5 Royal finally got its western release date now, March 31, with a new trailer. After Star Ocean Anamnesis, Persona 5 Royal is also now in Another Eden.

Persona 5 Scramble is coming to PS4 and Switch and launches on February 20 in Japan. The game will definitely come over even if it didn’t get a western announcement yet.

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