Persona 5 Scramble Reintroduces Morgana With a New Gameplay Trailer

Morgana is still the same as always in the trailer reintroducing him for PS4 Switch action RPG Persona 5 Scramble.

Atlus is still promoting Persona 5 Scramble in Japan with one trailer per week, and this week it’s Morgana’s turn. Morgana is still the same as always, complaining about how the new character, Sophia, mistakes him for a Tanuki. Pikachu Ikue Otani does a great job voicing him as always:

The interesting bits of the trailer is how we see Morgana snapping Ryuji out of a status ailment with a fan. This is just like in the original Persona 5. Morgana is also able to turn at will into his bus form, which basically makes him into a character with two distinct playstyles.

The official Persona Twitter also shared another gameplay cutscene:

The cutscene seems to be happening after the Phantom Thieves first met Sophia. She wants to stay in the other world, but it’s dangerous, so Morgana and Ryuji convince her to go with them in the real world. As we’ve already seen though, she claims to be an AI, and she’ll end up snugging into their smartphones.

The previous Persona 5 Scramble trailers focused on Joker and the Velvet Room, on Sophia/Sophie, and on Ryuji. We also covered an interview with the game’s staff from FamitsuYou can check some live gameplay here along with more comments from the staff. You can also check the various commercials for the game and the first trailer here.

Persona 5 Scramble is coming to PS4 and Switch and launches on February 20 in Japan. The game didn’t get a western announcement yet. We’ll learn more about the game via a stream on November 29. Demo events for the game will also be held in Japan on December 7.

In related news, another Sega game, Project Sakura Wars, has characters designed by many different character designers. The latest character revealed, Hakushu Murasame, is designed by Persona‘s Shigenori Soejima. He shared some comments about his works for the occasion.

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