Persona 5 Scramble New Trailer Introduces Ryuji, New Sophie Gameplay

Ryuji is still the same in Persona 5 Scramble, and Mamoru Miyano did a great job voicing him.

Atlus and Koei Tecmo published a new Persona 5 Scramble trailer focusing on Ryuji Sakamoto. The funniest moment is a short exchange between Sophia, Morgana, and Ryuji, probably during their first meeting. Sophia mistook Ryuji for a skeleton and Morgana for a cat, triggering the usual reactions you’re familiar with.

I personally like everyone in Persona 5 and Ryuji is no exception. Mamoru Miyano did a great job voicing him as always. You can feel his distress when Makoto tells him to not forget his summer homework.

The official Persona Twitter also shared a new gameplay video with Sophia fighting in her Sophie persona. The tweet mentions how all of Sophie’s skills have an interrogation mark in their names, to show how we’re not sure if the Pythos thing she’s using is really a persona or not. My own guess is, seeing she’s an AI, it’s some kind of persona emulating program, and the skills are emulated too.

Atlus is regularly pushing out these character intro trailers, at least one per week. The previous ones focused on Joker and the Velvet Room, and there’s one for Sophia/Sophie. I also recommend checking out our summary of an interview with the game’s staff from Famitsu. They most notably mentioned P5S uses an engine Koei Tecmo made, which is probably why the game seems to actually be uglier than Persona 5 Royal. Like, there’s a lot of aliasing. Not like I care myself though. I’m super hyped for this sequel.

You can check some gameplay here along with some comments from the staff. We also covered P5S‘s story details and the character profiles for the new characters revealed so far, Sophia, Zenkichi, and Alice. You can also check the various commercials for the game and the first trailer here.

Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers will launch on February 20 in Japan, on PS4 and Switch.  Atlus also did an English restream of the game’s first live stream with a VTuber. I didn’t watch that restream myself as I don’t have the time and I’m not really fond of VTubers. In any case, while the game wasn’t announced in the west yet, it’ll definitely come over.

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