Persona 5 Scramble Introduces New Phantom Thieves Member Sophia With Her Own Trailer

Persona 5 Scramble introduces Sophia, voiced by Misaki Kuno, and her Phantom Thieves counterpart, Sophie.

November 8, 2019

Persona 5 Scramble is regularly getting new information and trailers. Now that Persona 5 Royal is out in Japan, Atlus and Sega switched the promotion war machine to Koei Tecmo mode, promoting the first action RPG of the Persona franchise. The newest trailer introduces Sophia, the game’s brand new character. Sophia is playable and is the newest member of the Phantom Thieves. Sophia’s code name is Sophie, and she’s voiced by Misaki Kuno.

In the trailer, Yusuke most notably makes a perfect marketing description of Sophia, explaining why she should be popular. She has a mysterious, lonely feel, she’s super cute, and she seems strong and dependable. The trailer’s last sequence also reveals Sophia is an AI. At least, she thinks herself she is. There will definitely be some sort of twist. Sophia can’t leave the other world and communicates with the Phantom Thieves through their smartphones.


The other character trailer out so far reintroduces Joker and a familiar face of the Velvet Room. 

We covered the first live gameplay of Persona 5 Scramble and translated everything about it. We also covered P5S‘s story details and the character profiles for new characters Sophia, Zenkichi, and Alice. You can check the various commercials for the game and the first trailer here.

Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers will launch on February 20 in Japan, on PS4 and Switch. The game wasn’t announced in the west yet but will definitely come over. Atlus even did an English restream of the first P5S stream with a virtual youtuber.

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