Persona 5 Stage Play is Coming to Japan Later This Year

Persona 5 Stage Play is Coming to Japan Later This Year

While they might have stolen our hearts in Persona 5, the Phantom Thieves are set to appear in a stage production in Japan this December.

With Persona 5 having been a major success around the world and a huge breakthrough for the series, it’s no surprise that the game has continued to be a source of inspiration for new forms of media, with the Phantom Thieves set to steal our hearts on the Japanese stage later this year.

An official stage play production based on Persona 5 has been announced, simply titled Persona 5: The Stage, and the production will officially play in Tokyo and Osaka beginning in December of this year.

While details on the production itself are vague at this time, the official website for Persona 5: The Stage has revealed that Joker will be played by Hiroki Ino, with several images released of Ino as the iconic Phantom Thief. More details and photos for the remainder of the cast are expected to be released closer to the production’s debut.

Stage plays based on video games in Japan haven’t been uncommon, as we saw with a stage play in Japan last year based on the acclaimed Nier: Automata. However, given the popularity of the Persona series, it seems only like a natural fit that the tale of the Phantom Thieves would be brought to viewers through the stage in Japan. However, the few details currently on the website indicate that we can expect Persona 5: The Stage to be a faithful adaptation of the beloved game.

Persona 5: The Stage will begin performances in Japan in December 2019. For a closer look, you can check out the show’s official production images below featuring Hiroki Ino as Joker: