Persona 5 Never Looked So Good With This Lovely Doctor Tae Takemi Cosplay

Persona 5 Never Looked So Good With This Lovely Doctor Tae Takemi Cosplay

Doctor Tae Takemi from Persona 5 has never looked lovelier than in this series of cosplay photos from devoted Twitter user K.

Fan-favorite back alley doctor and Death Confidant Tae Takemi from Persona 5 comes to life in a wonderful series of cosplay photographs, courtesy of Twitter user K. While Takemi’s costume design is definitely simpler in nature, the immaculate attention to detail and how much the cosplayer immerses herself in the role is what makes her work truly standout:

Not only is K’s cosplay on its own great but the fact that she goes through the effort of replicating the very iconic doctor’s office setting really sets her work apart. And as a bonus, check out this gif showing off her gorgeous shoes (which are handmade!) as well as the iconic Takemi leg cross pose:

If you want to check out her extensive cosplay photo collection for Takemi (as well as her partner who cosplays as the Persona 5 protagonist), you can do so on her main Twitter page or through her special collection here. A bit of warning as a few of those images, while not by any means are NSFW, can be a little risque so view with discretion.

Fans coming together and sharing their passion for Persona 5 in creative ways is nothing new. Some examples of their ingenuity include beautiful Phantom Thief-themed poker chips, lovely fanart depicting a crossover of sorts between the Persona 5 ladies and Catherine, and some wonderful cosplay of both Futaba and Makoto. We also have some excellent Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse x Persona 5 crossover fanart, an amazing take on a GBA-styled version of the JRPG, and even an elaborate board game that fans can print out and play themselves.

Those at DualShockers love Persona 5 as much as its very talented and devoted fanbase, judging by our glowing review of the title back in 2017. If you haven’t gotten around to playing yet, you can purchase Persona 5 here.

Recently new information has been revealed concerning a possible new version of Persona 5 called Persona 5 The Royal on March 23rd in a teaser trailer. The trailer debuted at the end of the anime’s final episode “Stars and Ours,” which was livestreamed on Japanese television, and featured a mysterious young woman who was critical of the Phantom Thieves and their methods.

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