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Persona 5 The Royal Reveals First Details on New Party Member Kasumi, Playable Endgame

Persona 5 The Royal has a playable January-April endgame, Morgana in human form, and multiple new characters and features.

April 24, 2019

Atlus unveiled the Japanese official site for Persona 5 The Royal after the game’s first full-length trailer and Japanese release date were revealed. The official site has a list of all the new features found in Persona 5 The Royal. It also includes new screenshots, artworks, and information not shown in the trailer. Starting with the profile of new Phantom Thieves member Kasumi Yoshizawa.


Kasumi Yoshizawa is voiced by Sora Amamiya. She transferred to Shujin Academy at the same time as Joker, in spring, and is a first-year student. Kasumi has been practicing rhythmic gymnastics since junior high school and as such has excellent physical capabilities. She excels in both her studies and gymnastics. Her bright future in sports is what led her transfer to Shujin.

New screenshots were revealed as well with some pretty interesting dialogues. The first one has Goro Akechi hanging out with Joker and Kasumi at a new place, a café called “Miel et Crêpes”, “Honey and Crepes” in French. Goro asks Kasumi what she thinks about the Phantom Thieves.

The second screenshot shows the Phantom Thieves, along with Kasumi, at the entrance of Mementos, with Makoto noting that weird cables have recently appeared in it. The third screenshot shows the first boss battle and how it’ll have new elements added to it. Every boss battle must have been reworked in a similar way. The fourth screenshot shows Kasumi and Joker eating lunch together, with Kasumi saying he’s a great senpai.

The official site also includes a profile for one of the new characters shown in the trailer. He’s named Takuto Maruki and is voiced by Satoshi Hino. Takuto is one of the new Confidants added in Persona 5 The Royal. Takuto is a part-time counselor dispatched to Shujin Academy. He started working there to help the students after the Kamoshida incident happened in April. He’s a great listener and gives out good advice, so he’s loved by the Shujin students. His arcana is “consultant” which means “adviser” in French.

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The official site for Persona 5 The Royal also indicates that the school third semester, as in January to April, will be playable, unlike the original game. The screenshots above are from that period of the game and show Morgana in human form. The character is only named “hot guy” in the screenshot, but his way of speech is the exact same as Morgana’s, and he’s fantasizing about Ann.

As shown in the trailer, the new area Kichijoji has new activities to do like darts. The darts game actually exists in real life and is called Darts Live 3. It’s included in Persona 5 The Royal as part of a collaboration event. New places to bring your date or friends at like an aquarium have been added, and Joker will be able to hang out outside with Justine and Caroline too. Characters can also send photos through the messaging app now.

New powerful monsters called “Evil Spirits” have been added too. The Velvet Room will also have currently undisclosed new features, and Palaces will have new treasures to get. The game also has a new opening and ending songs, and new voiced tracks by Shoji Meguro and sung by Lyn. A new “daily life assist system” was also added to make the game more pleasant. The various functions shown in the screenshot weren’t detailed yet though.


Last but not least, Atlus announced that Persona 5 The Royal is optimized for PS4 Pro, and the game will look even more beautiful running on it. More information on Persona 5 The Royal will be revealed on May 9. The game’s boxart was revealed as well.

Persona 5 The Royal launches on October 31, 2019, in Japan on PS4, and in the west in 2020.

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