Atlus Comments on the Removal of Persona 5’s Capture and Streaming Features; Guidelines Detailed

Atlus Comments on the Removal of Persona 5’s Capture and Streaming Features; Guidelines Detailed

Atlus posted a blog entry today to celebrate the release of Persona 5, available now on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Winter 2014…I mean, April 4, 2017. Also, they wanted to provide further details for players who wish to stream the game.

After praising the fans for putting up with the extended development time, the publisher makes a comment on the lack of capture and streaming features on the PlayStation 4 hardware.

Evidently, Atlus does not wish that the game be spoiled for anyone so they’ve disabled this feature, saying, “Our fans have waited years for the game to come out and we really want to make sure they can experience it fully as a totally new adventure.”

The publisher goes on to request that players and reviewers refrain from talking openly about the game in “broad strokes”, saying, “Good example: “The game deals with dark themes right off the bat, with a lecherous teacher and other corrupted individuals.” Bad example: “Players immediately run into trouble with the pervy teacher *spoiler*, whose actions go so far as to cause *spoiler*”

Additionally, streaming content past 7/7 in game is prohibited. This was previously confused with being the real date that fans can begin streaming the game.

The publisher details streaming practices:

Video Content:

  • You can post however many additional videos you’d like, but please limit each to be at most 90 minutes long.
  • No major story spoilers, and I’ll leave that up to your good judgment. If you need some guidelines, avoid showing/spoiling the ending segments of the first three palaces. While you can show initial interactions with Yusuke, avoid his awakening scene, and that whole deal about THE painting. Also, don’t post anything about a certain student investigator.
  • I know I mentioned not showing the end of each palace, but you can grab footage from the Kamoshida boss fight. However, don’t capture video from the other major boss fights.
  • Must not focus solely on cutscenes/animated scenes, should prominently feature dungeon crawling/spending time in Tokyo.
  • You can post straight gameplay or have commentary.

If you plan on streaming the game through capture hardware, the publisher requests that you consider the guidelines provided.