Persona Characters Cross Over into Star Ocean Anamnesis this October

Makoto, Yu, Joker, Futaba, Kasumi, and Yusuke join Star Ocean mobage. Sugita cracked some jokes and Lotus Juice rapped on Star Ocean's OST.

September 17, 2019

Persona 5 Royal isn’t even out yet and the game is already getting multiple collaboration events. There was one with Identity V, which I didn’t cover as I lacked the time to do so (and I don’t care much about that game). At Tokyo Game Show 2019, Sega and Atlus announced another Persona 5 Royal collaboration, this time with Square Enix’s Star Ocean Anamnesis.

Square Enix revealed the Persona collab during the Star Ocean stage event on the last day of TGS. Right after the announcement was made, Yusuke’s seiyuu Tomokazu Sugita was invited on stage (timestamp) and here’s the first thing he said:


Sugita: P5R getting into another game before release reminds me of how they decided to include G Gundam in Shin Super Robot Taisen before it even started airing. Or was it Gundam Wing? I don’t remember anymore. I should just shut up.

It was indeed actually Gundam Wing. While the series had finished airing by the time Shin Super Robot Taisen released, Banpresto started developing the game and added Wing before it aired.

Sugita kept going on with the jokes when reading Joker’s profile, adding “Joker is trash living in an attic. He’s a womanizer, the worst kind of guy. Also, the attic is in a café owned by an old guy with a really cool voice”.

Anyway. Persona 3‘s Makoto Yuki, Persona 4‘s Yu Narukami (the “emperor of collabs” according to Sugita), Persona 5 Royal‘s Joker, Futaba, and Kasumi will all be joining Star Ocean Anamnesis. Star Ocean 2‘s Rena is also getting a Persona themed version. They said it’s the first time they’re making a Star Ocean character wear a costume from a collab series. Yusuke won’t be playable, but he’ll appear in the collab’s story, which was written by Atlus. They also gave Rena a Persona costume in reference to how Sugita is voicing her brother figure Dias.

They also mentioned there are no spoilers regarding Kasumi, “except the fact that she has a really nice voice” according to Sugita, so you should play the game without worries.

They also showed a short ingame video featuring Joker. and another one showing Makoto and Yu. They also played a message from Aoi Yuuki. She explained how even if Futaba doesn’t actually fight herself, you’ll be able to use her in battle in Anamnesis. And you’ll need to play the game to get why.

The collab event will start in October. The stage event also included a mini live by Lotus Juice and DJ Waka with Persona and Star Ocean OSTs.

Persona 5 Royal got some live gameplay at TGS 2019 played by Joker’s seiyuu Jun Fukuyama. Hideo Kojima also announced Sugita is in Death Stranding. A remake of the first Star Ocean game is launching this December. The previous cool Anamnesis collab I had the time to write about was the one was with Sakura Taisen, and you can read all about the new Sakura Taisen game here.

Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west, on PS4.

Star Ocean Anamnesis is available on iOS and Android. Needless to say this all concerns the Japanese version of the game, as the English version will shut down on November 5, as it always happen with mobage’s English versions.

Iyane Agossah

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