Persona Team Has a New Game in the Works

Persona Team Has a New Game in the Works


Announced in Famitsu this week, the same team at Atlus that worked on the latest Persona titles seems to have a new game in the pipeline. This one is simply called Catherine, and is apparently an action/adventure title with a deep horror motif.

The main protagonist, Vincent, is plagued with nightmares each night, and eventually it is figured out that there is a connection between the dream world and the real world. His nightmares consist of him climbing an endless staircase. Once he reaches the top, his nightmares will end, but he can never seem to get there. Catherine comes into play in the real world, where the protagonist is charmed by her, except she’s a rather mysterious girl. My bet is that she has something to do with this bridge between the dream world and real world.

The director of the game, Katsura Hashino, mentioned in this Famitsu article that Team Persona wanted to take a risk and create an adult-themed game for a change, before they went and created a new RPG for current generation platforms. It seems to me much like a musical artists wanting to swap genres to try something new and express their creativity. Risks can only lead to great things either now, or down the road where future projects can be created from the experience of that risk. I’m completely on board with that.

This title is coming to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 fairly soon, as the fold-out poster in the magazine says “2010 Winter” (seen above). You can also check out the official Japanese site, to see if you can scrounge up any more details on this intriguing title. I’ve included a few more shots from the Famitsu reveal below the break.

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