PersonaQ: Shadow of the Labyrinth Gets New Screenshots, Story and Character Info

PersonaQ: Shadow of the Labyrinth Gets New Screenshots, Story and Character Info

In the latest update for PersonaQ: Shadow of the Labyrinth, more information on the story and characters has been revealed, as well as a batch of new screenshots.

During the cultural festival, a loud bell is heard, emanating from what looks like a creepy clock tower. When the bell rings, Persona users are summoned to another world. There, they meet a mysterious girl and boy who have both lost their memories.

In PersonaQ, you can play as either the protagonist from Persona 3 or 4, which alters your starting point and the overall story mode in the game.

PersonaQ (30)

If you start with Persona 3‘s hero, the game takes place after the stormy weather that cancelled the Cultural Festival in P3. The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (or SEES) decides to meet up at Tartarus, and this is when they hear the strange bell ring. After entering the Velvet Room, they are then transported to Yasogami High School and begin fighting off shadows similar to the ones they usually fight against. This when SEES meets up with the Investigation Team.

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When starting as the P4 hero, the game takes place after Yasogami High’s Cultural Festival has finished. All of a sudden, a bell rings from a clock tower that suddenly appears. In that moment shadows manifest and a group of teenagers are summoned to Yasogami. Once the two teams become acquainted, they work together to find a way out of what appears to be a labyrinth.

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Finally the two new characters of PersonaQ are introduced. Rei is a young girl with no memories who is always eating–she manages to pull hotdogs and donuts out of nowhere to eat. Zen is a young boy who also has no memories. He is very overprotective of Rei and if anything happens to her, he becomes prone to recklessness.

Check out the full gallery of screens posted below.