PETA Targets Super Meat Boy, Team Meat Gets Last Laugh (Plus Surprises!)

PETA Targets Super Meat Boy, Team Meat Gets Last Laugh (Plus Surprises!)


PETA’s been known to protest videogames that might not jive with their philosophy.  A while ago they made a parody Flash game of Cooking Mama, where you have to butcher a turkey and make Thanksgiving dinner out of its “disgusting” innards.  Their intent? Convince developer Majesco to make a vegetarian friendly entry in the Cooking Mama series.


Well PETA’s back on the prowl, and this time they’ve set their eyes on Team Meat and their titular game, Super Meat Boy. They’ve crafted a Flash game parody entitled Super Tofu Boy, with the main intent being to, I don’t know, protest chaotic, running pieces of steak?  Whatever the case may be, Team Meat actually had the good spirits to respond back at PETA with a blog post that essentially amounted to “thx for the free publicity losers!”

If that wasn’t enough, a tweet from them late last night states that they’ll have an update for Super Meat Boy on Steam sometime today that’ll actually add Tofu Boy to the game as a playable character via a code.  I don’t quite know what they mean by “code”, but I can’t help but be impressed by the huge support Team Meat is giving their game, even after it’s already been released.

Super Meat Boy is now available for the XBOX 360 and the PC, with a Wii version soon to come.