Peter Molyneux Not Very Proud of Fable III Reception

Peter Molyneux Not Very Proud of Fable III Reception

It would be best to call reception of Fable III, the third entry in the long running and usually fairly well received Fable RPG series, mixed. Our own Reviews Editor Chad Awkerman, who happens to be a pretty big fan of the series, scored the title with an unremarkable 6.5. Designer Peter Molyneux has noticed reviews like these, and he isn’t at all happy about them. Talking about the reception of the game, Molyneux said:

“I look at Fable III, and it’s hard to be completely honest without offending people, but I know, when I read in the middle of a review that said the quality just wasn’t good enough, I actually agree with those reviews.”


Molyneux attributes the lack of game quality (Yeah, he’s being pretty open) to the constraining two year development time. He’s also said that he’s “ashamed” of the game’s Metacritic score, although several titles released today fail to meet Fable III‘s 80. I fully commend Mr. Molyneux for reflecting on his studios’ title and said title’s shortcomings, and hope that his findings help him make the next Fable title the best one yet.