Peter Molyneux Shares Details On Fable 3

We got a brief glimpse of what Fable 3 has in store for us at GamesCom last week when it was unveiled, to the surprise (or not?) of us all.  Still, Peter Molyneux’s presentation didn’t shed a whole lot of light on some of the general game mechanics.  G4TV interviewed Molyneux and, in that interview, he delved into a bit more detail on some things.

What is mostly of interest to me is the “Judgment System” in Fable 3.  Once you become king/queen, you can hear the pleas of your subjects and decide what to do with them or, in the example given in the interview, pass judgment on someone suspected of stealing from your castle.  Definitely watch the interview for a more detailed explanation, as my words don’t do it justice.

Also of interest is how the Fable 2 episodic content will be set up when it becomes available.  It appears you’ll actually download the game in its entirety, but will be charged to progress beyond certain points, ultimately unlocking the entire game.  Its much the same as downloading a demo of an XBLA game, where a button press inside the game itself will unlock the entire game for you, once you pay up.

Check the video out and leave your thoughts below.  Does Fable 3 appeal to you, with its two separate game play segments?  Will you be cautious because you were let down by Fable 2?  What say you?

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