Peter Molyneux’s New Game The Trail: Frontier Challenge Coming to PC This Summer

Peter Molyneux’s New Game The Trail: Frontier Challenge Coming to PC This Summer

Prepare to make an epic journey in Peter Molyneux's The Trail: Frontier Challenge.

Coming this summer, Kongregate and developer 22cans announced they will launch Peter Molyneux’s The Trail: Frontier Challenge to PC via Steam.

The exploration title from Molyneux and his 22cans studio debuted in November on mobile devices, and it has sold well enough to merit a PC version. The Trail has been completely rebuilt and redesigned for a PC audience. It includes new characters, skill upgrade trees and more strategic gameplay. That new direction also matches Kongregate’s own expansion going from web and mobile to Steam.

In The Trail players will “walk down the single track path of destiny” and “take part in a variety of fun challenges” as they make their way to their ultimate goal, the town of Eden Falls. After reaching Eden Falls, travelers will have the opportunity to set up shop as one of five professions: Explorer, Hunter, Lumberjack, Cook, or Tailor. Each profession has its own skill tree to progress through and can only be mastered when every skill is unlocked. You will then build, furnish, and upgrade your home and trade with other players to expand the town, with the ultimate goal to one day become the Mayor.

Steam players will also experience weather effects, which can affect their progress on the trail. Extreme cold requires additional food while muddy terrain can slow down hiking. But players can invest in improved clothing and gear to receive various buffs to help counteract these effects.

Molyneux stated regarding The Trail: Frontier Challenge,

“Our goal with The Trail: Frontier Challenge was to take the core gameplay and narrative of The Trail on mobile, and reimagine it for Steam players. PC players are looking for a completely immersive and uniquely challenging experience and I think they will be pleased with what we’ve created,”

He goes on to talk about the gameplay:

“The gameplay has been developed to be far more strategic, for example, players will now have to balance what they carry in their packs against how fast and far they can travel. Bigger items are heavier and slow you down, smaller items are lighter so you can travel faster.”

The Trail: Frontier Challenge will launch this summer at 10 percent off, and it will be regularly priced at $15. Players can right now wishlist the game on Steam to receive notifications when it launches.