Phantom Blade: Convict Closed Beta Test Available This August

Fans can now sign up for the closed beta

July 30, 2022

SoulGame Studio has announced that the closed beta test of its new stylish Action RPG ‘Phantom Blade: Convict’ will begin on August 18th for iOS, Android, and PC. The game will support English language and the applications for participation will be accepted until August 11th, with applications open to players from all over the world.

Phantom Blade: Convict is a field exploration-type side-scrolling action RPG, which features high-speed hack and slash battles that constantly force you to use the four actions of Attack, Guard, Evade, and Skill. The simple control scheme accelerates the action and tension of anticipating the moves of the boss characters, in addition to the exhilaration of succeeding in doing a perfect guard. The game’s ink-illustrated graphics also provide a highly immersive experience like no other.


In this test, four main story chapters will be available. Players will be able to use three characters with different attributes and will be able to experience the thrill of fighting a boss whose moves are hard to anticipate.

Soul, who is the main protagonist and the youngest warrior in the Organization, is considered a representative of the “Swordsman of Radiant Burning” class, which has two sword styles and can perform fast wide-range, high damage attacks. Aoi, the “Iron Princess” class and the future successor of the organization uses her spiritual sword to summon guards who deliver heavy attacks and has an extreme defense. Gensha, the organization’s messenger is a Mage class specialised in remote attacks, debuffs, and control effects.

The game also has an aspect of mystery, where players who are part of the group called “The Organization” embark on a long journey to find out the one who is responsible for reviving the art of Saki Kaisou (Reverse Bloodlust), and the mastermind behind the civil family war of magic and martial arts.

To signup for the Phantom Blade: Convict closed test, you first have to make an SGAME account by including your Email, Password, and Verification code you have received in your mail. You will also have to choose the device you want to play your game on, and the outlet where you have heard about this closed test.

The android version of the game will also be undergoing a billing test. The amount charged during the test will be doubled and refunded when the official service begins. Cross-Save Support will also be available for all platforms. The test application is available on the official website here.

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