Phantom Dust Remaster for Xbox One and Windows 10 Detailed; Will Get New Features

Phantom Dust Remaster for Xbox One and Windows 10 Detailed; Will Get New Features

Today Microsoft sent in a press release detailing the Phantom Dust remaster for Xbox One and Windows 10 that was announced yesterday.

The game is being developed by Code Mystics, that worked on the PS4 and Vita ports of Risk of Rain and The Last Blade 2, and will be an Xbox Play Anywhere title, with both Xbox One and Windows 10 versions included in the same digital purchase.

“Phantom Dust” for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC is a re-release of the original classic, brought to life for the modern generation with Xbox Live features like cloud-save support, cross-device play, cross-buy, Looking for Group on Xbox Live, and support for Arena on Xbox Live. In addition, it features new gameplay enhancements including multiplayer* starter decks that let you jump straight into multiplayer, improved frame rate, and adjustments to overall game balance.

“Phantom Dust” is a unique blend of third-person arena combat and collectable card game, in which both fast reflexes and clever thinking matter. Collect over 300 unique abilities and build your arsenal of powers, taking them into battle with up to three other opponents. You’ll compete in highly-destructible arenas—in teams or alone—and unleash a wide array of powers and tactics, including orbital particle cannons, flaming swords, barriers of ice, flight, cloaking, attack reflection, and even mind-reading abilities.

The game features over 20 hours of solo player content through an engaging story that explores the ideas of isolation and faith, and full Xbox Live multiplayer support for up to four players with a variety of game types.”


Tactical Action – Up to 4 players choose from more than 300 skills across five diverse schools of powers to create a unique “arsenal” to take into combat. Draw odds and deck building strategy collide with moment-to-moment action as players blast, block, and leap across each arena in an effort to defeat their opponents. With billions of deck combinations and 12 years since the original’s release, no one has yet to find a “perfect” arsenal!

Map Destruction – Major components of all the arenas can be destroyed. Blow out bridges to limit access to high ground, punch enemies into or through walls, rain debris down in an enclosed room, drop the floors out from under opponents, and hurl objects and debris for quick damage. As the board is destroyed and the landscape changes, players must adapt, increasing the need for strategic action and arsenals that cater to each specific arena.

Skills – More than 300 skills are available for players to earn and purchase through the solo campaign and multiplayer battles. From basic attacks and defenses, to radical board-altering abilities, Phantom Dust has a play style to suit anyone; stay at distance with the Optical school’s laser attacks; get in close and pummel your opponent with the Ki school; cause chaos with the unpredictable Psycho school; heal and boost your abilities with the Nature school; debilitate and punish with the Faith school. Mix schools to create radically different strategies and rebuild your arsenals to counter tricky opponents as you progress.

Campaign – Humanity has been driven underground by a mysterious dust that eats away at memories. Play as Alpha, a newly discovered survivor with no memory of their past. Journey across the radical landscape of a changed Earth as you undertake more than 100 missions to reveal the secrets of the Phantom Dust. Get ready for a brooding and introspective campaign with over 20 hours of play, featuring a host of unique characters to fight with and against, massive boss encounters, diverse arenas, memorable set battles, and unlockable multiplayer bonuses.

We also get new features coming for this new version:

  • Xbox Live Arena support integrated.
  • Play on Windows 10 PC or Xbox One seamlessly with cross-saves, retaining all of your progress and in-game items between both platforms.
  • Cross-device play lets you play against friends regardless of platform.
  • Full Xbox Live feature set of the original game, including downloading top player’s arsenals to practice against them – a feature not available since the original’s release!
  • Looking for Group on Xbox Live so you can find and connect with other gamers more easily than ever.
  • Multiplayer starter arsenals are included. Jump right into multiplayer with a better selection of skills!
  • The Multiplayer skill shop is no longer tied to solo player progression. All skills are available for purchase immediately for multiplayer use.
  • Improvements to game balance and frame rate