Phantom Dust Remaster “Should Ship Before E3,” Phil Spencer Says

Phantom Dust Remaster “Should Ship Before E3,” Phil Spencer Says

In response to fan questions, Xbox's Phil Spencer gave an indication that the upcoming HD remaster of Phantom Dust will arrive before E3 2017.

Originally released for the first Xbox back in 2004, the action card-battling game Phantom Dust became a cult hit with its unique gameplay and style, with the upcoming HD remaster of the title having a firmer release window, according to Xbox’s Phil Spencer.

In response to fan questions via Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that the upcoming HD remaster of Phantom Dust “should ship before E3”, putting the release of the game sometime between now and E3 2017’s run from June 13 – 15, 2017. No other details were confirmed by Spencer at this time, but it’s at least a nice ballpark range to expect the title sometime within the next few months.

Microsoft had originally been at work on a complete remake of Phantom Dust, which was announced by the company at E3 2014 during the Microsoft press conference. However, the title was put on hold with the closure of its developer Darkside Studios, while no specific cancellation announcement has been provided by Microsoft at this time.

Despite the hold in place on the game’s remake (or potentially a new sequel), Microsoft did confirm last year that the company would develop and release an HD remaster of the original Phantom Dust, which would refresh the game’s visuals for higher resolution, improve support for Xbox Live, and feature Xbox Play Anywhere compatibility between Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.