Phantom Trigger Announced for Nintendo Switch; Coming This Summer

Phantom Trigger Announced for Nintendo Switch; Coming This Summer

tinyBuild Games and Bread Team are bringing Hyper Light Drifter-looking Phantom Trigger to PC, Switch, and consoles this summer.

Today, publisher tinyBuild Games and two-man developer Bread Team announced that their hardcore neon slasher with RPG and roguelike elements, Phantom Trigger, is making its way to Nintendo newest piece of hardware: the Switch.

As you may know, tinyBuild Games is a Washington, United States-based publisher and developer that was founded in 2011 and initially made a name for itself with the hit title No Time to Explain, followed by 2015’s Party Hard and then 2016’s SpeedRunners. It has also published titles such as: The Final Station (one of my personal favorite games of 2016), Punch Club, Mr. Shifty, and Streets of Rogue, among many others.  Meanwhile, in the pipeline it has the highly-anticipated Hello Neighbor as well as Party Hard 2, Graveyard Keeper, and Bread Team’s Phantom Trigger (and more).

Phantom Trigger marks the second time the developer has worked with tinyBuild, as the latter also published Bread Team’s 2015 math puzzler game: Divide by Sheep.

All of that being said, Phantom Trigger is Bread Team’s latest game, that was announced back in March of this year. As mentioned above its a hardcore neon slasher with RPG and roguelike elements, and a game that notably boasts some heavy Hyper Light Drifter vibes.

Details on the game are currently a little scarce, but we do know that you play as Stan, and follow his story and journey “through surreal and twisted worlds.”

The game is said to be boast handcrafted story driven levels mixed with roguelike-style dungeons, a branching story with multiple endings, and a “deep combat system” that focuses on unlocking combos and upgrading weapons.

In addition to announcing the game for Switch, the pair also announced it is set to release sometime this summer. Additionally, the game is available right now on PC in the form of an open Alpha, which you can download here.

A price-point for Phantom Trigger is currently unknown. Further, the game is currently listed for PC, Switch, and consoles: what these other consoles are, remains to be seen.

Below, you can check out a new trailer which accompanied today’s announcement: