Phantom Trigger Launches for PC and Nintendo Switch on August 10th

Phantom Trigger Launches for PC and Nintendo Switch on August 10th

Hyper Light Drifter-like Phantom Trigger is slashing its way to PC and Nintendo Switch in nine days.

Today, Washington-based publisher tinyBuild Games and two-man studio Bread Team — who most recently put out Divide by Sheep — announced that their hardcore neon slasher with RPG and roguelike elements, Phantom Trigger, is set to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch on August 10th.

Revealed back in March earlier this year, Phantom Trigger follows the story of Stan, a whitecollar middle-class worker living an ordinary life that gets disrupted by a mysterious event. Journeying through surreal, twisted, neon-demonic worlds, Phantom Trigger features a branching narrative that can conclude in one of four alternative endings.

As for gameplay, Phantom Trigger is said to merge together elements from the slasher, RPG, and roguelike genres. Further, it features a “rich combo system” and a gameplay loops that includes trapping, burning, and freezing enemies, herding groups, and chaining together combos.

The game features handcrafted story-driven levels mixed with roguelike-style dungeons, a weapon upgrade system, five distinct worlds to explore, and an estimated seven hours of gameplay.

Phantom Trigger will cost $14.99 USD when it launches. Below, you can check out a new trailer which accompanied today’s news.

In other recent and related news, Bread Team and tinyBuild Games confirmed that Phantom Trigger features 60 FPS across both versions and will come with local co-op on Switch.