Pharaonic Receiving Physical Deluxe Edition September 22

Pharaonic Receiving Physical Deluxe Edition September 22

Milkstone Studios and Soedesco have partnered to release a physical version Pharaonic on PS4 and Xbox One this September.

Publisher Soedecso revealed today that they will be assisting Milkstone Studios by releasing a physical Deluxe Edition of the studio’s side scrolling combat-RPG Pharaonic on PS4 and Xbox One.

As I mentioned before, Pharaonic is a side scrolling combat-RPG set in a colorful ancient Egypt. The game released digitally last year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Players control a slave who has to “reveal the secret” of the Red Pharaoh, Ahmosis I, while also recovering his memory.

The game is built to be very tough, with the developers taking influence from the combat in Dark Souls. There are also a variety of secondary and hidden paths for players to find. Pharaonic also features a deep customization system, with players being able to equip their character with hundreds of different pieces of equipment.

Pharaonic Deluxe Edition will come with a physical copy of both the game and the original soundtrack, which was composed by Carlos Viola, who is known for his work on The Last Door. The soundtrack includes twelve Egyptian themed tracks.

A new gameplay trailer for Pharaonic was also released on Soedesco’s YouTube Channel, which you can check out alongside the box art and some new screenshots of the title below. Pharaonic Deluxe Edition is set to release on PS4, and Xbox One September 22.