Phasmophobia Dev Teases Upcoming “Medium” Sized Prison Level

Phasmophobia Dev Teases Upcoming “Medium” Sized Prison Level

Players will be able to hunt for ghosts in a prison complex at some point.

Kinetic Games has been teasing an upcoming map for its spooky ghost hunting game that has surged in popularity since it launched. And it looks as if players can expect to be wandering a haunting prison location, complete with cell blocks and spirits that want to kill you.

The images shared by the studio on Twitter (That you can see below) shows off a large interior space complete with bars and tables — another image shows off an outdoor section with what looks like a complicated collection of fences. It also looks as if there are at least 2 floors to explore as players seek that dirty water from an angry ghost. Another tweet following those images shows off a visiting area, and unsurprisingly the areas appear quite dark, even with a light on.

While the teased areas themselves appear to be rather large in scale, the tweet does mention the studio is working on cell blocks which are no doubt not going to be overly spacious. Perhaps similar to the Asylum patient rooms. As for the size of the map, Kinetic Games has confirmed that the prison map will be listed as a ‘Medium’ sized map, citing the Asylum map as what the studio sees as ‘Large’.

Since the game’s launch, it has seen a fair few updates, one introducing more spray cans to stack and another saw some spooky Halloween decorations added to the lobby room. We’ve also learned exactly what naughty words can trigger a ghostly activity, so if you want to go around hurling these words at the ghost, you can go right ahead.

Yesterday, Phasmophobia was nominated for Best Debut Indie Game at The Game Awards 2020. The game is currently available on PC.