Phasmophobia Beta Build Gets Update That Adds Extra Spray Cans for Stacking Fun

Stack those cans.

By Ben Bayliss

October 20, 2020

Phasmophobia is that spooky horror game that has boomed up the Steam charts since its launch in September. The game finds up to 4 players hunting for a variety of ghosts using equipment to help them determine the type of ghost. Developer Kinetic Games has obviously been keeping an eye on the online gaming world and seeing how they’re using the game and is due to be launching a fun little update soon.

When players aren’t wandering around scary haunted houses, telling the ghost to “show your ugly mug!” they’re chilling at the waiting area. It’s in this little room that players can interact with a random metallic basketball or throw spray cans around. Those spray cans have been discovered to be stackable, and players in both VR and non-VR have been enjoying this little pastime. The trouble is, there aren’t that many spray cans at hand.

As the tweets suggest, Kinetic Games jokingly suggested a DLC that adds extra spray cans but followed it up with an update to the beta build for the time being. Whether it’ll make its way to the full game in an upcoming update is another question. The additions introduce an extra basketball, and there’s now a total of 14 spray cans as opposed to the current number of 7. At least that’s how many I counted.

To access the beta build, players can go to their Steam Library, right-click Phasmophobia, head to Properties, go over to the Beta tab, and select the beta build. It’s worth keeping in mind that the beta build can be unstable.

Kinetic Games is certainly working on a lot of updates for the game, with players hopefully seeing more replies from the spirit box to be spoken, and additionally, dead players will apparently be able to actually do things in an upcoming patch.

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To explain the game, seeing as we’ve not reported on it before. Up to 4 players are tasked with using ghost hunting equipment in a variety of locations to identify a ghost. Ghosts respond to not only player actions, but also the in-game microphone and a large list of specific voice cues. This could see players asking where it is, to give them a sign, or screaming, “**** off and leave me alone!”.

When dead, players can currently spectate the rest of that level as a ghost but are unable to interact or communicate. At the end of levels, players are awarded money for identifying the ghost or achieving additional tasks such as photographing things like voodoo dolls, and bones. Money is used to buy more equipment to help make identifying the ghost a far easier feat.

Phasmophobia is currently available for PC for both VR and non-VR users.

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