Phasmophobia Anniversary Update, September 18 Patch Notes and Details

By Kyle Knight

September 18, 2021

Over the last couple of years, online party-game style titles have exploded in popularity, due to friends looking for different ways to connect during the pandemic.

While Among Us was undoubtedly the king, Phasmophobia has pushed it in a close second place with its exciting/creepy ghost hunting action.

One differentiator between the two mega-hits is the fact the Phasmophobia puts out regular content updates, with Among Us’ coming fewer and further between.

The latest Phasmophobia update has dropped today, September 18, and is a special one as the developers celebrate the title’s first anniversary. So, here are all of the details you need to know about this update, including the patch notes.

Phasmophobia Announcement Trailer

Phasmophobia Announcement Trailer

What’s Changing in The Phasmophobia Anniversary Update on September 16

Surprisingly, this isn’t a massive update. It will overhaul the journal, a few gameplay tweaks and a handful of bug fixes.

On top of this, the update will allow players to “party in the main menu area”.

Full Patch Notes

You can read the official patch notes from the September 18 Phasmophobia update below:

Journal Overhaul

  • A complete redesign of the journal to make it easier to use and navigate
  • You can now cross off evidence on the ghost evidence page
  • The pause menu is now integrated into the journal
  • You can now change all settings using the journal whilst in game


  • Added an option to play offline singleplayer which won’t connect you to the server
  • Added new fonts for several languages that had missing characters


  • The VR mute button has been changed to the pause button for all controllers. Your controller will vibrate when toggling mute
  • You will no longer get $10 for failing a contract and will instead get the insurance depending on the chosen difficulty
  • If you fail a contract you will now see what the ghost type was
  • Ghost orbs will now periodically change position in the ghost room
  • You can no longer see the D.O.T.S Projector ghost if you are dead


  • Fixed a memory leak on the main menu when using a controller
  • Fixed an exploit where you could glitch your head inside something to make the ghost not see you
  • Fixed several safe spots where you could stand on something and the ghost couldn’t reach you
  • Bleasdale: Fixed a bug where the temperature would rarely drop in the attic
  • Bleasdale: Fixed a bug where the hunting equipment effects didn’t always work in the attic
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost whisper paranormal sound was staying active on the parabolic microphone

What’s Next For The Game?

Arguably, a more exciting update seems to be on the horizon.

On the game’s Steam page, the developer notes that there are “many great updates planned for the future including this Halloween!”

There’s certainly still plenty to look forward to for players!

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