Phil Spencer: “Best First Half of the Year Lineup” Ever for Xbox; Not Thinking About What Others Can’t Play

Phil Spencer: “Best First Half of the Year Lineup” Ever for Xbox; Not Thinking About What Others Can’t Play

During Microsoft’s Spring Showcase held last week in San Francisco and attended by DualShockers, Xbox Division boss Phil Spencer expressed his pride in the upcoming lineup of games for Xbox One and PC.

“We’re here today to see what I think, this is my opinion, is our best first half of the year lineup that we’ve ever had at Xbox. If we look at the quality of games, and in 2015 I thought it was incredible, it was a good year for gaming, we’re starting off 2016, and we’re incredibly proud of the games planned that we have frankly on Windows 10 and on Xbox One.”

Later in his remarks, Spencer explained that the company is focus on what its customers will be able to play, and not on what others can’t play:

“We have a vision that we believe puts the gamer at the center of everything we’re doing. 100% of our focus is on making sure that games that people can play on our platform are as great as they can be.

We spend zero time thinking about what games other people can’t play. It’s not something that’s core to who we are. We’re embracing the gamers that are on our platforms, we’re incredibly proud of the breadth of games that are there, and our long-term commitment is that we’ll stay exactly focused on that. What games can you play on Microsoft platforms, making sure that it’s the best platform, best service, best content, best games that you can find. That is our long-term commitment to you.”

Lastly, he talked about what we can expect from events over the next few months:

“We’l continue our story. We’ll be at GDC. I think this year’s Build conference, which is Microsoft’s development conference, will see more focus on gaming that we’ll ever had, and it’s hard to believe, but we’ve already had quite a few E3 planning meetings. We’re deep into what E3 is gonna look like this year. And yet again, I think it will be a great time for both the industry and for Xbox gamers.”

It’ll be interesting to see whether Microsoft will manage to top last Year’s E3, that was definitely solid. Time will tell, but Spencer sounded quite confident.