Phil Spencer Discusses Potential of a Pre-E3 Event for Project Scorpio

Phil Spencer Discusses Potential of a Pre-E3 Event for Project Scorpio

While no plans are currently in place, Spencer says he likes Xbox's E3 presentation to focus on games.

One of the biggest questions that gamers have had leading up to E3 is wondering whether or not Xbox will fully reveal Project Scorpio at their E3 presentation, or if they will instead opt to showcase the hardware in an event that takes place beforehand. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, was recently asked about just this over the past week.

In a recent interview on IGN’s Podcast Unlocked, Spencer said the following when asked about any potential Scorpio events prior to E3:

The plan’s not completely set, just to be honest with you. I think doing everything at E3 would be difficult, but we’ll talk more about it as we kind of land exactly on what we’re gonna go do. I like our E3 show being about games. Clearly we’re gonna talk about Scorpio at E3 but I also don’t want to take up a majority of the time doing all things about hardware. So there’s a balance there. I want it [Scorpio] on stage , it’s a great opportunity for us. So you’ll hear more from us on this topic, so nothing great to share with you. But other than that, I know people want to know more specifically about what we’re doing with the hardware and I’d love to find an opportunity to do that.

While Spencer doesn’t say anything one way or the other regarding a pre-E3 event for Scorpio, it definitely seems like it’s something he’d like to do if everything works out properly. Since Spencer took over as the Head of Xbox in 2014, he has tried to concentrate specifically on games in Xbox’s E3 events, and that seems once again to be his focus heading into E3 2017. While he does confirm that Scorpio will obviously be at E3, it seems that he would prefer to detail the system’s hardware and functionality at another time to make more room at E3 to showcase software.

E3 2017 is rapidly approaching, so we are likely to get more news about this sooner rather than later. Xbox’s E3 2017 briefing is slated to take place on Sunday, June 11 at 2 PT/5 ET.