Phil Spencer Doesn’t See Steam as a Competitior in PC Gaming Space; is an “Upside Opportunity”

Phil Spencer Doesn’t See Steam as a Competitior in PC Gaming Space; is an “Upside Opportunity”

It’s hard to speak about PC gaming without mentioning Valve and their Steam service which has pretty much changed the landscape of PC gaming since it’s inception.

With great games at low prices, free online multiplayer and even a move into the living room space, you’d think the competition would be a little nervous about Gabe Newell’s invasion, but apparently that’s not the case, at least not with Microsoft.

Speaking to Eurogamer in a new interview, the Xbox chief lauded praise on the Steam service for what it has done for gamers and how they’ve stepped in an filled a space where Microsoft have been somewhat absent for so long.

“I think right now I see it as upside opportunity for both of us. I think there’s enough both innovation and modernisation in gamers – I have a Steam account, I don’t think I’m deleting it tomorrow. Ori, one of our games we’re shipping this month, we’re shipping on Steam. Five years from now you’ll be able to buy Steam games and be able to buy games on the Windows store. The conversations we have on a regular basis with Valve – I consider them a critical ISV… er, that’s independent software developer – on Windows, and very open to the feedback that they’re always active to give. Are they a competitor? I see it as upside opportunity now.”

Microsoft recently announced a new streaming initiative where players would be able to play their Xbox One games on their PC’s, though it isn’t considered to be a direct play against Steam’s services.

It’s nice to see that Spencer thinks that Valve and Microsoft are in more of a professional relationship rather than an aggressive battle to win the hearts of gamers.