Phil Spencer on Gamescom: “Many” Games that Weren’t at E3; Impressed by Quantum Break and Much More

Phil Spencer on Gamescom: “Many” Games that Weren’t at E3; Impressed by Quantum Break and Much More

Gamescom is closing in fast, opening its doors on August 5th, and Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer went on one of his usual Twitter sprees to lets us know more on what’s in store at the show, and give quite a few pieces of miscellaneous but interesting info.

Spencer mentioned that he likes what awaits us at the press conference, and it includes “many” games that weren’t at E3.

Windows 10 will be shown both at the briefing and at Microsoft’s booth:

Spencer also mentioned how he feels about Crackdown:

Apparently, he was “really impressed” by the latst build of Quantum Break.

Spencer also teased surprises coming, expressing satisfaction on the fact that Microsoft seems to be getting better at keeping secrets:

Unfortunately Gears of War won’t be at the show:

That said, Spencer promised that Microsoft will try to get a rating locally for Gears of War 4.

ReCore and Sea of Thieves won’t be at the show as well.

Phantom Dust also won’t appear (predictably), but Spencer mentioned that Microsoft is “still committed” to its development.

Spencer spelled his recipe for increasing the Xbox One’s success in Europe, mentioning that it’s a critical market:

Moving on from Gamescom, he explained that he’d like to see Rocket League on Xbox.

He also mentioned what it’ll take to have a good RTS on Xbox One.

Spencer likes the idea to have streaming from Windows to Xbox One (even if there are no plans for now), but it would require mouse support, which isn’t “far away.”

We’ll hear more about the Windows 10 UI on Xbox One soon:

According to Spencer, June was a good month for Xbox One, and backwards compatibility does matter.

He also had positive words to say about the other executives in the industry:

Lastly, if you happened to see a few “leaked” pictures for the next batch of Games With Gold, don’t get your hopes up. They’re fake.