Phil Spencer: “Gaming Is Not a Race Between Two Consoles;” Explains Why Xbox Didn’t Try Handhelds

Phil Spencer: “Gaming Is Not a Race Between Two Consoles;” Explains Why Xbox Didn’t Try Handhelds

Phil Spencer is going to Japan, but before boarding the flight, he had a few more words for the fans about competition and portable gaming.

Microsoft’s Xbox Division head Phil Spencer is currently waiting to board his flight to Japan, and he used the downtime to interact a bit more with the fans on Twitter, following yesterday’s responses.

First of all, he went back on the topic of competition, mentioning that “gaming is not a race between two consoles, and good games aren’t weapons against other platforms.” Explaining that Microsoft simply works to “make Xbox and Windows 10 great places to play.”

To a user that responded that it’s easy to take that position when one’s console is behind in sales, Spencer told that it has nothing to do with Xbox’s market share, and gaming is a “much bigger opportunity than a two console battle.” That said, he agreed that releasing good games is critical.

He also explained why Microsoft decided to stay out of the handheld competition, as their view was that phones would take almost all of the mobile gaming market. Yet, he praised what Nintendo does with its hardware, as it’s “always pushing against conventions,” and that is “good for the industry.”

Spencer also mentioned that he thinks that the Universal Windows Platform will bring PC apps and games to Xbox One, bringing Fallout Shelter as an example, but he also said that the company needs to work towards AAA games.

As a funny note of color, Spencer elaborated on a previous comment in which he stated that the upcoming console “Project Scorpio” will run “fine” on 1080p TVs. Someone told him he should have said that it runs “GREAT,” but he clearly isn’t a “marketing person.”

Incidentally, if I’m allowed a personal note, I definitely hope that Spencer’s trip to Japan will result in more Japanese games on Xbox platforms. Most might not sell in the millions, but they do add up to the lineup’s diversity and depth.