Phil Spencer Pledges Windows 10 as “Best Platform For Game Developers” and Open System

Phil Spencer Pledges Windows 10 as “Best Platform For Game Developers” and Open System

During the opening keynote of Microsoft’s Build developer conference, Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer gave an overview of the new features coming from now to this summer to Xbox One and Windows 10.

According to Spencer, Windows is the best platform for game developers, granting the ability to write a game and deploy it across all windows platforms. The goal is for the operating system to become the most productive and efficient platform for developers on all platforms, and “is and will continue to be an open development system where anyone can build, deploy, sell and service their games and applications.”

Microsoft’s plan is, through the Universal Windows Platform, to deliver games that will run better on windows, with more predictable performance, with more robust install, uninstall and servicing capabilities, greater safety for users through the protective runtime environmennt, and distribution of modern desktop applications on any store, including the Windows store, and via any deployment mechanics.

The ability to disable VSync will be added on Windows 10 in may, alomngside the support for G-sync, Freesync and multiple GPUs. Microsoft also wants to meet and exceed expectations for features like overlays, modding and more.

The newly announced Desktop App Converter will turn the code of existing win 32 applications to windows 10 to “modern desktop applications.” This allows developers to deploy older applications on the Windows store, and to enable them to install easily on Windows 10 and take advantage of its features like live tiles, notifications and more.

Controller, mouse and keyboard will also work across all Windows devices.

On top of that, the Windows 10 anniversary update will bring features like background music and Cortana, that will become a personal gaming assistant.