Phil Spencer Refuses to Compare Xbox One and PS4 (but he Kind of Does), Has Great Respect for Sony

Phil Spencer Refuses to Compare Xbox One and PS4 (but he Kind of Does), Has Great Respect for Sony

As the Head of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer is at the forefront of the upcoming power struggle between Sony and Microsoft to determine who will win between PS4 and Xbox One, and as part of an interview on he was asked to compare the two consoles:

We’re focusing on what we’re doing ourselves. While I won’t make a comparison, Sony has a long history of success with PlayStation, and I respect them from the bottom of my heart.

When talking about the Xbox One, what’s most exciting is the line-up of games. At the time of launch and between the first two holiday seasons the content is very rich. AT E3 we announced the line up of exclusive titles, led by Titanfall, and we won many more awards than any other platforms. It was the record number of awards won in the history of E3.

The number of both existing IPs and new IPs is considerable too. We’re also reviving the old IP Killer Instinct. I believe the title line up will become very strong, especially for the first two years.

It’s kind of funny that Harrison refuses to compare the two platforms, but then goes on to explain how Xbox One games won the most awards than any other platform at E3, but everything is fair in love and war, and as a jab it’s still quite mild. It’s actually refreshing to hear a Microsoft executive talk of respect for Sony, pretty much echoing what SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida said a few days ago.

It’s not so surprising to read about them expressing similar thoughts, considering that they’re pretty much exactly in the same position in their respective companies, working more on the games and less on the corporate babble. If only that kind of attitude was a bit more widespread…