Phil Spencer Talks About Xbox One E3 Plans and Much More; 2015 “Best 1st Party Content Year Ever”

Phil Spencer Talks About Xbox One E3 Plans and Much More; 2015 “Best 1st Party Content Year Ever”

Today Microsoft’s Xbox Division head honcho Phil Spencer had one of his usual Twitter sprees, during which he answered many questions from the fans, giving us quite a lot of interesting new information on what we can expect from the brand in the next few months.

First of all, we learn that plans for E3 are still being determined:

Tomorrow Spencer is going to have a day-long content review for the show:

Gamescom is being planned at the same time as E3:

The plan is to make this year’s E3 more about first parties than in previous years, and there will be new exclusive IP on show.

According to Spencer, this could be Xbox’s best year for ever for first party content:

Despite the focus on first parties, we’re still going to see content from third parties:

Spencer would also like to show something new about the Xbox One platform itself at E3:

Interestingly, this E3 is going to be more about gameplay than about CGI trailers:

Looks like we’re going to see more cross-play content between Xbox One and PC this year:

If you love JRPGs and want to see some on Xbox One, Spencer doesn’t think it’s a lost cause:

In the future, we can expect pre-orders on Xbox One to be made available long before release, unlike the current situation, in which pre-orders are available at the same time as pre-loads just a few weeks before the launch of a game.

While he did not give specific information, looks like Spencer is having fun with Crackdown:

Unfortunately, at least for now, the additional Games With Gold we received this month are a one-off thing:

According to Spencer, the fact that 343 Industries called the release date of Halo 5: Guardians early is a good sign for the game:

Spencer also commented on the marketing deals done to associate games with a certain platform:

Finally, he teased a couple new Xbox One features coming in the next couple months that we’ll “find interesting.”

What could these new features be, and what surprises expect us at E3 and beyond? Time will tell, but we’re soon going to enter the most exciting period of the year. I hope your body is ready.