Phil Spencer Talks Games With Gold, Rare, Cloud and Much More: Cliff Bleszinski “Always Welcome On Xbox”

Phil Spencer Talks Games With Gold, Rare, Cloud and Much More: Cliff Bleszinski “Always Welcome On Xbox”

Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer promised Xbox One backwards compatibility news this week, but since it’s already Thursday, he took to Twitter to reassure the fans. He mentioned that everything is proceeding smoothly, and talked about a whole lot more in one of his usual Twitter sprees.

The team’s focus is currently to have the bulk of Xbox 360 games ready for the launch of the feature.

Spencer also mentioned that Microsoft wants to make it easy to buy backwards compatible titles from any device that features with Xbox Live.

Adding achievement support support would be “tough,” as it requires additional work for each game. Yet, it’s possible. Unfortunately using code from the existing disk for the purpose is technically challenging.

Removing region locking is also difficult, but Spencer mentioned that the team will look into it.

Interestingly, he also commented positively on the idea of giving Windows and Windows Phone games with the Games with Gold promotion.

Microsoft wants to improve the synergy of all of its platforms with Xbox, even if they’re currently focusing on Windows 10.

That said, they want users to be able to move between platforms, but not to fall to the least common denominator.

Spencer also teased an announcement coming soon for the launch plans of Halo 5: Guardians.

While a precise date on when preview users will be able to test the new Xbox One UI is still in the making, it’s already running internally. We’re getting closer, and the team is doing a good job with it.

Spencer also commented on Cliff Bleszinski’s new IP LawBreakers, and mentioned that he’s always welcome on Xbox.

Bleszinski responded shortly after:

A Halo-themed Elite controller would have been cool, but timings simply did not match.

If, like me, you’d like to play a new Microsoft Flight Simulator, there are bad news, much to my chagrin. I loved that franchise so much. Funnily, I used to run a website dedicated to modding Japanese airlines, airports and scenarios into the games. Good times…

Spencer also mentioned that a talk on cloud compute could be a good idea for GDC.

According to Spencer, a new Mechassault with cloud-powered destruction would be cool,but it’s not in development now.

Different teams are using the cloud in different ways:

He then denied the rumor about the Xbox Micro (who believed that one, really?):

RARE is currently focused on Sea of Thieves, despite the speculation on a new Battletoads game.

About Sea of Thieves, Microsoft plans to be quiet for a while, and give the team to make more progress on the game, before talking about it again.

He also promised to share more on ReCore.

Spencer doesn’t yet know how widespread mods will become on Xbox One, yet he feels that user generated content is important.