Phil Spencer Talks About the Reveal of Xbox One X: "Xbox Has Always Been About Power in My Mind"

Xbox Division head Phil Spencer talks about the reveal of the Xbox One X, and Microsoft's E3.

During the Xbox Daily livestream, Xbox Division head Phil Spencer talked about Microsoft’s E3, and the unveiling of the Xabx One X.

Talking about Xbox One X, Spencer mentioned that for Microsoft it’s all about putting the tools in the hands of the developers, and then letting them make the creative and technical decisions that they want to deliver the right games.

Certain people tell him that Microsoft should mandate 60 FPS or a certain resolution, but he’s not going to do that. The Xbox One X supports a native 4K frame buffer, it supports 60 FPS, it supports checkerboarding, and those tools are going to be put in the hands of the developers, that will be able to make the decisions they want.

Microsoft opened the show with Forza Motorsport 7, and that runs at native 4K and 60 FPS, but other developers are gonna make different decisions. Spencer thinks that, as a platform holder, Microsoft has to give the developers the best tools and hardware they can, and let them take that experience where they want to, without getting into mandating this or that number. According to Spencer, this is how Microsoft will end up with the best games.

Spencer also mentioned that the reaction of the fans he talked to has been fantastic. In his mind “Xbox has always been about power,” from working the original Xbox, and now Microsoft has the world’s most powerful console as part of the Xbox line. Due to that he sees a lot of pride from veteran Xbox fans.

Yet, the Xbox One S has done “so well” for Microsoft this year, and Spencer can see a “reinvigoration” of the Xbox community with these two products in the hardware lineup.

He also talked about having shown 42 games on stage, 22 of which with exclusivity or launch exclusivity deals, and while they went a little long with the press conference, he thought the lineup with “fantastic.”

Spencer also explained why the Xbox One X name was selected: the slogan “there is no greater power than the power of X” really drove the original Xbox team, and that influenced the choice. Spencer is a bit of a nostalgic (in fact he likes features like backward compatibility). He wanted to pay homage to that original team and some of their mottos, and Xbox One X works well in that sense. He feels that the name “means something” to Microsoft at a team level, and for him that’s important.

That said, he has “no problem at all” with people still referring to the console as “Scorpio.” According to him,  it’s good for those who have been part of the events that led to the unveiling of the console to have the name “Scorpio” in their heart.

Interestingly, Spencer revealed that Microsoft is already starting to plan next year’s E3. He already had a meeting today about that. Actual production and planning normally starts in November or December, when Microsoft starts looking at the games they want to show and the themes they want to talk about to put the show together. Spencer is proud of the work the team put into this E3, and he thinks it’s probably the best show Xbox ever had.

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