Phil Spencer Will See Rare’s New Game in November; Another Studio Could do Kinect Sports in the Future

Phil Spencer Will See Rare’s New Game in November; Another Studio Could do Kinect Sports in the Future

Many are waiting anxiously to know what Rare’s next game will be all about. Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer is between them, and he’s going to know soon enough,  as he mentioned in the latest episode of IGN’s Podcast Unlocked:

I’d love to see them do something new that feels like a rare game. I’m traveling out there in the second week of November and I’m gonna see their new game pitch that they have.

I don’t know anything about it. I hear some whispers in the halls, but they don’t want anybody to tell me because they want to do the unveiling, which is great. I love that they do that.

Asked what Rare has been ding in the past months, he clarified:

It’s not about the pitch meeting. They try a lot of ideas. What studios will do is they will start up five or six things, and then they kinda self weed out the things that aren’t working until they have an idea that really works, and I wanna give them that time. And they have that time.

Spencer also mentioned that the Kinect Sports franchise has a value for Microsoft, but Rare isn’t necessarily stuck working on it:

So I’m gonna be there. We’re gonna look at what they have. I was gonna say, on Kinect Sports, it plays a role in our portfolio, and I think it’s great that it’s in the market, and I wouldn’t say we’d never do anything else with Kinect Sports. What I said is that I don’t want Rare to just become the Kinect Sports team. There are potentially other people that could do a Kinect Sports game.

I’m not announcing anything. We’re not working on another Kinect Sports game right now. But I do think it can play a role in our portfolio and I wouldn’t just wanna say Kinect Sports is dead because Rare decides that there’s something else that they wanna work on. Those two decisions can eb decoupled.

Personally, I’m quite eager to see what Rare is working on. Rumors on Neogaf hint to a new Banjo-Kazooie to be announced at E3 2015, but I’m gonna take that with a massive grain of salt, especially since Phil Spencer himself doesn’t know yet.