Phil Spencer’s Promotion to Xbox Chief Causes Enthusiastic Reactions Between Developers of All Camps

Phil Spencer’s Promotion to Xbox Chief Causes Enthusiastic Reactions Between Developers of All Camps

Now that Microsoft has turned a new page for the Xbox Division, putting former Microsoft Game Studios head honcho Phil Spencer at the helm of the whole thing, it’s hard not to be excited about the future. Yet, fans and media aren’t the only ones expecting great things from Spencer.

Developers and industry veterans are reacting as well over their social media accounts, and it’s really hard to find any that commented less than enthusiastically (as a matter of fact, I was able to find only one). This is definitely a testament to Spencer’s hands-on approach with games and with the people working on them:


Below you can check out the early comments we could gather.

Albert Penello, Xbox Division Head of Product Planning:

Congrats to @XboxP3. The perfect guy for the job.

Phil Harrison, Microsoft Corporate VP:

@xboxP3 Congratulations now this is official! Great news for #Xbox fans…and for the entire team at Microsoft.

Peter Moore, Electronic Arts Chief Operating Officer:

Congratulations to Phil Spencer @XboxP3. Right man for the job – great to see games taking front and center. I can say I knew you when…: )

Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios Group:

If you are a gamer or fan of Xbox, announcement today about @XboxP3 is very very good news. Congrats Phil, the future looks bright!

Scott Warner, Visceral Games Design Director:

MSFT announced all XBOX is rolling under Phil Spencer @XboxP3 – not sure how the market feels but internally everyone will love this.

Brad Welch, 343 Industries Design Director:

@XboxP3 Congrats Phil! Always a great supporter of 343, and great to choice to head up Xbox IMO.

Justin Berembaum, 505 Games VP BD and Strategic Relations:

Congrats @XboxP3 Very much looking forward to working with you and your team on some great games we recently signed. Looking forward to it

Rob Davis, Sony Santa Monica Senior Designer:

Terrific news about @XboxP3 , perfect choice.


Cliff Bleszinski (not sure what his title is anymore, or if he has one):

Gratz to @XboxP3 on taking over. Right guy for the job.

Uh Phil was running Microsoft GAMES Studios. He gets it.

Mike Henry, Twisted Pixel Lead Engineer:

Happy to see that people on the outside understand how great it is that @XboxP3 is the new Xbox head.

Dan Teasdale, No Goblin co-founder:

Wow, @XboxP3 as the head of Xbox is fantastic. Can’t think of anyone else I’d be legit excited to see in that role. Congrats!

Scott Brodie, Heart Shaped Games Founder:

@XboxP3 Congrats Phil, I enjoyed working with you while I was at MGS and know you’ll do a great job in the new role. Best of luck.


Harri Manninen, Rocket Pack Games Co-Founder:

Great move by MSFT to put @XboxP3 in charge of Xbox. His GDC fireside chat was engaging & insightful – much better than I expected.

Brian Provinciano, Vblank Entertainment Founder:

@XboxP3 does the new position enable you to even privately give apologies to certain developers on behalf of Microsoft?

Bungie, Development Studio:

Congrats, @XboxP3! Looking forward to new adventures!

NinjaBeeGames, Development Studio:

Congrats to @XboxP3 to becoming Lord High Admiral of Xbox! Couldn’t have picked a nicer fellow.

Phil Spencer, the man himself:


For all the kind words and support – thank you. So proud to be part of Team #Xbox.

We’ll have to stand by and see in what direction Spencer will steer the ship, but it’s hard not to trust a man that spent the last few years directly helping developers making great games. Love is in the air, no doubt about that.

[Featured picture courtesy of Polygon]