The Philips Momentum 43″ Monitor is the First to Earn HDR1000 Certification

The Philips Momentum 43″ Monitor is the First to Earn HDR1000 Certification

The Momentum 436M6 by Phillips offers gamers with 4K UHD, the option to have photorealistic colors on anything displayed and even has a HDR1000 Certification

This week, Phillips has announced a brand new monitor, which offers 4K 60Hz resolution and HDR support. However, unlike previous 4K 60Hz monitors, this particular product also the world’s first HDR1000 monitor.

According to the press release, the Phillips Momentum 436M6 features Quantum Dot Color and DisplayHDR 1000, which increases the comprehensive selection of accurate colors, particular colors with shades of dark reds and greens that manage to maintain crisp and clear, even in an area filled with bright lights.

Since the monitor has a DisplayHDR 1000, it can provide gamers with a drastically different experience on the visual front. The monitor also offers a maximum brightness of up to 1,000 cd/m2, indistinguishable contrast and alluring color. Allowing any and all images displayed on the product to come to life with a more significant touch of brightness while also providing a harmonious blend of more profound, more nuanced darker colors without delivering a granular appearance.

Sporting 4K UHD resolution, owners of the Momentum 436M6 will have the freedom to capitalize on the MultiView technology. Now, the MultiView allows users to engage in dual connect so that you can work with multiple devices like PC and Notebooks concurrently, which encourages consumers to tackle various tasks at the same time without having to compromise. So, you could be watching a live stream of a sports game airing on one side of the monitor, while also playing your favorite game, on the other.

Currently, the Momentum 436M6 is not available for purchase. However, the Phillips is anticipating to launch the monitor sometime this summer for $999.99. While consumers will have to wait just a little while longer before getting their hands on this product, you can view a slew of screenshots of the monitor below this article for a better idea of what it looks like.