Phoenix Labs Co-Founder Explains Dauntless' Epic Games Store Exclusivity

Phoenix Labs co-founder Robin Mayne explains the teams decision to launch their free-to-play action hunting title Dauntless on the Epic Games Store.

March 31, 2019

Back in January, Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs announced that they’d be bringing their free-to-play action hunting title exclusively to the Epic Games Store for the time being. In a recent interview with Robin Mayne, the co-founder of Phoenix Labs, he explained why the team decided to launch the game on the Epic Games store for their action hunting title Dauntless. He said:

“Every decision we make on Dauntless is a very thoughtful decision and we try to align it with our vision. One, Dauntless is about bringing as many players together to be able to play this PvE co-op experience. One of the things we’re passionate about that with is releasing to as many platforms as we can and allowing players to play together. And so part of our strategy with the Epic Games Store launch is bringing the PC game to the Epic Games Store and also coming out on Xbox and PlayStation and allowing everyone to play together through cross-play. Our partnership with Epic allows us to do that.”

Mayne said that with Dauntless being on a wide variety of platforms, it’ll be easier for players to connect through the cross-play features that they’re implementing. The goal is to make sure you’re able to have fun with all of your friends, not just those who prefer one platform or another. You can check out our full video interview from PAX East 2019 down below.


Dauntless is currently available in open beta on PC and the completed version will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime this summer. The game is a free-to-play title so PC gamers can jump into it right now. It’s worth mentioning that the game also has Nintendo Switch and mobile ports in development that’ll launch at a later date. For more on Dauntless, you can check out our interview with director Jesse Houston.

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