Father of XCOM Julian Gollop Debuts New Trailer for His Next Game Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is an upcoming turn-based strategy game from the father of XCOM. It looks to improve virtually every aspect of the XCOM formula.

Julian Gollop is one of the men behind the original UFO: Enemy Unknown, which is the very first game in the XCOM series. His latest project is called Phoenix Point. The game had raised over $2 million in crowdfunding money as of last year, so it’s safe to assume fans are ready to get their hands on it. Fortunately, they won’t have to wait long. As seen in the E3 trailer, Phoenix Point is coming in September. Give the trailer a watch below.

As you might expect, Phoenix Point is a turn-based tactics and world-based strategy title. You’ll be facing off against an alien force; however, these aliens have a twist. The aliens are able to take DNA from different species and use it to alter themselves. This means that the aliens will change their very biology to counter whichever tactics you use against them. The team has a procedural generation system that they say will produce some big surprises on the battlefield as you progress through the campaign.

Just like in XCOM, you’ll take on the alien hordes with a small squad of soldiers. Each unit has its own extensive skill tree and customization options, giving you the tools to tweak your team’s skill set to your liking.

The game also features fully destructible environments and a retooled Geoscape to give you many more choices to make out-of-combat. You can also expect to face off against gigantic boss enemies in challenging battles. It sounds like they’ve taken everything the XCOM games have done and turned it up to 11. I’m excited to see how all the improvements turn out in the finished product.

Phoenix Point is coming to Mac, PC, and Xbox One this September. Keep your eyes on DualShockers for all the E3 news.

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