Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Graphics Comparison – Court Never Looked So Good

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Graphics Comparison – Court Never Looked So Good

Phoenix Wright has come a long way in 18 years!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is launching early next month, packing in the first three games of the beloved lawyer/detective series in glorious HD. Phoenix Wright as a series is no stranger to being ported. We recently had the opportunity to play the most recent port, a remastering of the original trilogy on the Nintendo Switch. I decided to take the latest and throw it up side-by-side with the past to see just how far Phoenix and friends have come in the past 18 years.

Originally released as Game Boy Advance games in Japan, the series has been on countless platforms. On Nintendo platforms alone, the games have been on six consoles, not counting console revisions. Back in 2013, the original trilogy was ported in “HD” to iOS with subsequent games also being brought over to mobile. Phoenix has shouted “Objection!” on just about every screen imaginable.

In our video comparison, I pit the original Nintendo DS version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney against its iOS and Switch counterparts. The DS footage was captured via emulation, all though I did try a ridiculous set up to capture off-screen footage from my New 3DS XL before resorting to emulation. The iOS and Switch footage were captured directly from the source. Only showing off footage from the first trial, I wanted to showcase the cutscenes, trial testimony, cross-examination, and art differences. Check it out below.

Seeing it all side-by-side reminds me of scenes in movies where they look at blurry security camera footage and say “Enhance!” and the image quality cranks up the clarity. It’s great to see the visuals improve to such a degree, especially since the games are visual and text driven. 

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy also excels at providing the best gameplay experience out of the three. With a full-featured settings menu with handy tweaks like auto-skip control, screen shake, and visual adjustments, reading testimonies has never been breezier. The iOS port is by far the worst user experience, with a text speed that I could not seem to speed up, a cluttered gameplay screen, ugly gold borders surrounding the screen. Navigating the menus on the touch screen on the DS is still great and keeps the top screen clear. The Switch port also supports full touch support, which works just as well when in handheld mode.

Phoenix Wright Graphics Comparison

It’s fantastic to see how far along my favorite courtroom lawyer game has come since I played them all on DS. The art is done well and true to the source material with the right tweaks to make playing the game all the more enjoyable. Stay tuned for more on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy coverage here on DualShockers when we review the collection next month.