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Phosphor Studios New Plan For Project Awakened: Two Games To Be Created

March 24, 2013

Project Awakened has taken a new direction thanks to the survey Phosphor Games Studios released to followers earlier in the month.

Now, the new plan is as follows:

  • If Phosphor can’t raise at least $250,000 in 6 weeks, they will refund all of the money that everyone pledged.
  • If they make at least $250,000, they will make two games: Project Awakened: Danger Room, and Project Awakened: Subject.

With the Minimum $250,000, Project Awakened: Danger Room will be released by November this year, and will include a single player game using the Unreal Engine 3 to allow players to create their own character. This character can be outfitted with abilities, outfits, and items, and can interact with AI. Multiplayer and modding will be available, but unsupported by the team.

With $300,000, the team will add basic Multiplayer support, including lobby support, match-making, game modes, and scoring. With $350,000, they’ll add basic modding tools to make it more accessible, and with $400,000 and $450,00, they’ll add Linux and Mac support, respectively.

Project Awakened: Subject–and it releasing by June 2014–will hinge on whether Phosphor can gather $500,000 or more. Subject will allow players to take their created character and play them in the Project Awakened universe.

As Phosphor puts it:

This brand new world of technological evolution has expanded humankind’s horizons to unimaginable reaches. But not for you – your world has never seemed smaller. You wake drugged, woozy, tagged, and imprisoned. You soon realize that this is no normal prison, and noone is coming to save you. It is a secret place, a dreaded place whispered of among the Awakened. Secret facilities set up by private companies, black market arms dealers, global crime syndicates, rogue nations, even the security forces of nations who masquerade as legitimate under the excuse of ‘national security’. Facilities where kidnapped Awakened are mercilessly tested to see just how far people can take these new found enhancements…and ultimately what is needed to break them. You must survive the grueling tests of your unknown captors long enough to unravel who they are, why you are here, and how to escape, if escape is even possible.

Dauntless | Sahvyt Reveal Trailer

So basically think Portal meets inFamous, with a wider range of abilities.

With $1,000,000 Phosphor will commit to having a small open world modern day city hub for sandbox gameplay, enemies that spawn with higher capabilities based upon your power level, and Multiplayer matches.

Finally, with $1,500,000, Phosphor will do both in the Unreal Engine 4, although they note that what features are available will depend on what’s possible with the engine at the time.

The project is currently at $31,881, with 40 days left to raise $218,119, when the campaign will end on May 5th. You can pledge to the project by visiting the Project Awakened website, which has all of details you need to understand the project (like the Awakened trailer below) if you haven’t been keeping up with Phosphor’s mission to get this game made.

Project Awakened in under 60 seconds

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