Physically Interactive Game Prodigy Goes Live On Kickstarter

Physically Interactive Game Prodigy Goes Live On Kickstarter

The blend of tabletop and digital gaming may soon reach its apex. Hanakai Studios’ newest IP, Prodigy, will be going live on Kickstarter this week as they attempt to fund their alpha phase.

The game has already been making headlines as Hanakai works to blend figurines and card-play with into the gaming environment. Following the success of similar children’s games like Skylanders, this work is a clear appeal to a more mature audience.

Two of the statuettes are available for viewing on Prodigy’s website and there is no shortage of detail.

Even more impressive then the figurines that accompany Prodigy is the hardware that makes it possible.

Players will interact through a board that sends data to their PC about the movements and actions of their characters. These, in-turn, result in Unreal Engine 4 powered cinematics that drive, single and multiplayer versions of the game.

“You need this board to play,” Hanakai CEO, Jean Bey told Polygon. “It doesn’t exist anywhere else. We’ve been working on it for a long time — it’s very intuitive, easy, responsible. It’s a very complicated board, and it seems very simple but it tracks everything you do.

“It was what we need to provide a good experience in depth of gaming and depth of play, that depth of feeling.”

While development is currently focused on creating a PC version, Bey is “keeping an open mind” about the possibility of moving into consoles.