Pick up Prequel to The Darkness II on Free Comic Book Day

on April 4, 2011 3:00 PM

Pick up Prequel to The Darkness II on Free Comic Book Day

If you’re nearly as excited about The Darkness II as I am, any news is good news. This one in particular for reminding me that one of my favorite days of the year is coming up…Free Comic Book Day! 2K Games and Top Cow Comics are teaming up to release a prequel comic to the upcoming game called “The Darkness II: Confession.”

“Top Cow has always supported Free Comic Book Day and this year we’ve created our best offering yet with The Darkness II: Confession, a prequel to the upcoming video game The Darkness II by 2K Games,” said self-proclaimed hardcore gamer and president of Top Cow, Matt Hawkins. “In working closely with 2K Games on the comic, we’ve ensured that everything fits into The Darkness’ canon for long-time and new fans of Jackie Estacado. This free comic is a perfect primer for the game.”

As both a long time fan of the comics and somebody who loved the first game, I’ll definitely be looking for a copy of this comic that morning. If you have any comic shops in your area, Free Comic Book Day is May 7th and many publishers participate. These are only available that one day, so if you’re interested make sure to get out there!

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