Pig Up! Proves That PopCap Has Made Video Game Crack an Art

on July 21, 2011 12:00 PM

I woke up yesterday morning to read from the awesome Chris Kohler that a new game from PopCap, the minds behind Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies, had just released on Facebook for a “trial period” of sorts. Boy, do I regret reading that article.

Pig Up! is PopCap’s newest, and much like their previous games, for all its simplicity, it’s unbelievably addictive, and absolutely ridiculous to shake off. You’re a pig that’s been shot out of a cannon, and you must collect apples and avoid bees to get the high score. To fly you left-click on your mouse to flap your “wings”, but you have a limited number of flaps, so therein lies the challenge.

To call this game addictive is nothing short of an understatement: I played a couple hours of this earlier today while procrastinating my writing duties, and just now while “researching” this article I booted it up and played for an additional half an hour to beat my Facebook friend’s high score. It’s stupid how easily the guys at PopCap can engage a mind like this; I can only imagine what could happen if they were allowed more power over the world. Put all your work down and play it here for a few hours.

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