"Pigsy's Perfect 10" DLC Waddles its Way Onto Enslaved

Namco-Bandai just announced details of their soon-to-be-released DLC for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.  Titled “Pigsy’s Perfect 10”, the DLC will include a new side story featuring the extremely jolly companion Pigsy.  A non-playable character in the main game, the charming Pigsy has a mission of his own this time: to conquer his loneliness and craft the perfect woman for himself from spare parts found around the Titan Graveyard.

Unlike main protagonist Monkey, Pigsy will play like some sort of ironic ninja, with a focus on being stealthy and sniping the opposition.  Along with having a plethora of gear, including sniper rifles, a hookshot, and grenades, he’ll also have some help along the way from his trusty robot sidekick Truffles.

The DLC will also implement a TriOViz Technology update, allowing 3D capability for those with and without 3D-ready televisions.  Owners of non-3D televisions can experience the amazing up-close heft and girth of Pigsy by purchasing TriOViz’s upcoming INFICOLOR 3D glasses from their homepage when they’re released in fall 2010.

Enslaved was an enjoyable game, and it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without the presence of a companion like Pigsy.  With completely new gameplay being added, I can’t wait to check out “Pigsy’s Perfect 10” when it drops on the PS3 and XBOX 360 later this year for $9.99 and 800 MS Points, respectively.

Allen Park

Allen is an utter whore of a gamer; he's completely open-minded to all games, be they AAA blockbusters or $5 casual children's games. His focus is on indie games specifically, valuing gameplay and ingenuity over sparkly visuals and ridiculous gimmicks. When he's not geeking out over the newest art game, he's out toning his sexy, sculpted shoulders while surfing epic 1.5ft waves, or having a good time with local, high-gravity microbrews.

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