Check Out the PiiWii, a Fanmade Portable Wii That Plays All Wii and Gamecube Games

YouTuber Shank built the PiiWii, a portable Wii that not only plays all Wii and Gamecube games, but can run Virtual Console and homebrew.

December 30, 2018

Move over, Switch—there’s a new contender for the best Nintendo handheld console. A hardware/electronics enthusiast and Super Smash Bros. player called Shank Mods on YouTube and Dyxlesci on Reddit shared his latest creation, the PiiWii, on various subreddits, including /r/smashbros. As one could guess, it’s a super small version of the Wii.

By Shank’s design, the PiiWii makes few compromises and runs exactly the way a Wii should. It uses the exact same hardware and can run any GameCube and Wii game, including any homebrew or emulator that a Wii can run. While it doesn’t boast any internal motion controls, the PiiWii uses GameCube buttons (albeit with a relocated X button), and Wii controllers can wirelessly connect to this portable if for some reason you want to play an intense game of Wii Sports on a tiny screen.

Speaking of, the screen measures at 3.5 inches, also housing stereo speakers and low battery indicator LEDs. Like the GameCube, the triggers are analog instead of digital, making the console ideal for Melee and Super Mario Sunshine. Don’t expect anyone to fit an optical disc in the PiiWii, however—instead, the console loads games through a 128 GB flash drive.

Approximately the size of an original Game Boy Advance, the PiiWii has a rough battery life of around four to five hours. Overall, the device has a smart design, one example of this being the fan being just where your hands aren’t. It’s certainly a more practical device than Shank’s previous project, the KillMii, literally an Altoid box reconfigured with the goal to make the worst portable Wii machine.

Too bad this isn’t available for the masses—anyone who wants one of their own will have to stage an elaborate heist. Check out the fun YouTube video detailing and demonstrating the console below.

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